Follow Dev Dharm Khalsa & family as they journey into the heart of Yoga while on a family road trip across the American Southwest.

TEDxFairbanks brings together ideators, creators, activists, and innovators to spark meaningful discussion on pertinent issues facing our world today. Powered by the TED Talk format, we believe that change starts on the local level with people coming together to learn and be inspired by each other. We hope that this 'community within a community' will empower local Alaskans to take charge of their lives, their communities, and ultimately the future of Interior Alaska - and more broadly - the world.

Our mission is to create conscious community by reconnecting people with their inner knowing. We do this by facilitating experiences that invoke respect for and connection to nature and by building sustainable habits through healing arts.

A project seeking to explore what motivates people to get outside and stay outside. Ongoing.

Elder Interviews

As our parents and grandparents age, we risk losing so much knowledge to the wind. This project is dedicated to retaining traditional knowledge, family memories and folk tales via digital archiving.

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