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Our Process

Here at Projects in Motion, our goal is to create impact-driven storytelling for a sustainable future. 

We take a collaborative approach to business, involving the client in every stage of the production process, from ideation all the way to the finishing touch. 

Our Team

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Dev Dharm Khalsa // Founder & Producer

Dev spent five years as a video producer for the Alaska Public Lands Information Center & National Park Service, where he helped scientists, researchers and rangers communicate the work they do with the general public through short YouTube videos, film festivals, and youth media workshops. He brings with him a background in science communication, philosophy, and a kindled spirit to make the world a better place through multimedia storytelling. 

Tyson Paris-Hansen // Animator 
Tyson Paris-Hansen has worked in News and Advertising for 10 years. Specializing in animation, Tyson has made everything from 3D logos, product visualization, as well as animated graphs and character creation. When one is unable to record something animation has the potential to solve that problem. A good example of his work is in the documentary “The Nina and Sasha Show” about a dog that loses its leg: https://youtu.be/1QzyipneaLY

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